Here at DTS we guarantee to provide you with elite and professional services to enhance and perfect all of your IT and telecommunication needs. We provide a vast amount of structured cabling and wiring services, to provide your company with a solid infrastructure using copper and fiber work area products or even fiber optic cabling systems. We promise the most up to date systems to keep you ahead of the technology curve at all times.

Our team can also provide you with easy and proficient phone installations services. We can install all types of services from legacy systems to VoIP. We provide our customers with a smooth and stress-free transition process from the beginning to end of the installation process.

Our surveillance system technology not only helps your business grow, but also helps secure it. As time progresses it is critical to provide protection and security in all aspects of your business. From touch screen systems to remote monitoring, we have a wide variety of services that will enhance all security measures to keep your business protected.

Every business requires audio and video telecommunication systems. With the growing advances in technology it is important to look to the right people in order to fit the necessary changes and advancements in your business. Our audio and video services are the best in the area. Whether it is monitor or TV installation, or conference speakers and video chat set up, we have it covered. Our state of the art technology enables us to provide businesses with the most updated and best in technology at a competitive price. The technology and audio and video services we have will provide solutions to the growing demands of customers today.

Aside from the technical product services we provide, DTS’ extensive experience in the telecommunication industry can provide customers IT service they can count on. Each member of the team has put countless hours into this technology whether it is server builds or management, at DTS we guarantee the answers and help you are looking for.